HSI Crusher – Perfect crusher for secondary crushing


Mechtech ‘s HSI is the perfect crusher for secondary crushing in the limestone, recycling concrete, and cement industries for minerals such as aggregate, gypsum, limestone, calcium carbonate, dolomite, and more.

Aggregate production is more concentrated in the primary stage than in the secondary stage, resulting in higher education ratios and cubical shapes.

These are non-reversible, slow-moving machines that crush the feed material with high-impact energy. This machine is powered by an electric motor that features a fabricated rotor with solid blow bars mounted on it.

As the feed material enters the crushing radius of the rotor, the impact of the rotating blow bars against the breaker plates or anvils mounted on the aprons shatters it.

It is subjected to some shearing and attrition at the lower portion of the crushing chamber, producing quality output products with a low percentage of fines.