SDRC Crusher- Double the Rolls, Double the Precision


When the materials are fed into the rolls, the opposing rolls create a combination of compression and shear forces that crushes the feed into the desired product size of minimal fines.

A spring-and-toggle mechanism is activated by the tramp relief system when any uncrushable foreign objects enter the crusher. On applying excessive force to the movable roll, the toggles open and make way for the object to pass. The toggle is then closed by the high torsion springs which allows the movable roll to get back to its previous setting where the crusher runs uninterrupted.

Dual drive SDRC can be operated easily and quietly by their electric motors and V-belt drive configurations. The power transfer is from the driven roll to the non-driven roll by an inter stage V-belt in a single drive whereas each roll is powered separately through a motor and a V-belt.

Mechtech SDRC’s designed for primary, secondary and tertiary crushing are best suited for achieving the reduction ratios of 4:1 It is best suited for producing finer products. SDRCs are widely used and preferred for their excellent reliability with simple designs and low maintenance.

The timing gears have been eliminated which makes its operation simple but efficient. A separate electric motor and V-belt drive for each roll is used in the dual drive arrangement which results in quiet operation and minimal vibration. Using the spring loaded yoke assembly and Turing the spindle, the product size adjustment can also be changed with little efforts which allows the producer to adjust the product sizes accordingly.